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Material Management System keeps record of materials movement, purchase order, supplier, labor information, projects information and assets. Materials Management is the planning, directing, controlling and coordinating those activities which are concerned with materials and inventory requirements, from the point of their inception to their introduction into the manufacturing process.This system helps to record and track material on basis of quantity and value which significantly improve optimize flow of goods, resources and visibility.

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Material Management System acts like a warehouse management system for your job site maintaining a constant chain of control. With the material already coded by your vendor or freight forwarder you can simply scan it for receipt and then place the new designated storage area into your handheld. Since it is coded by all containers you can place the whole skid in a container with one entry number and know months later exactly where to find all sub components when you need them. You can issue to work crews and they can reference the relative drawings for those pieces and can return anything not used back into inventory. Servers image

  • Easily track the location of your facility's parts and materials inventory
  • Create purchase orders and calculate the average lead time required to restock the part
  • Store graphics and electronic drawings of parts for easy identification
  • Allow users with sufficient authorization levels to approve requisitions and purchase orders
  • Record delivery of materials that were ordered through a purchase order
  • Transfer materials between stockrooms with a complete audit trail
  • Create an unlimited number of warehouse locations
  • Cross-reference parts by manufacturer, vendors, and equipment
  • Use requisitions and purchase orders to request and order materials
  • Convert multiple requisitions to a single purchase order