Say goodbye to your old finance and HR systems.Get a single system that shows you how to grow:

Ozone HCM is a cloud-based application for Payroll & Tax, Benefits, Workforce Management, Human Resources, Talent Management, Document Management, and Analytics. As a single application for HCM, Ozone Pro provides organizations with unprecedented access to real-time data and results across all domains of HCM. With one employee record, one user experience and no interfaces, organizations can find and hire the right people, process pay, manage benefits enrollment, maintain HR records, and schedule staff with work-life balance while managing compliance.

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HR Management: Successful people, successful business

Dynamic employee code creation is one of the most important features of this module wherein the code pattern gets generated automatically based on a combination of alphabets or serial numbers. Employee Information includes official details page which displays hierarchies like the department, and the location he belongs to; along with the date of confirmation and retirement. An employee can enter his personal details, wherein he can update his marital status, hobbies, sports, extracurricular activities he participates and awards he has received.

> Update personal details, address, emergency contact information and bank details
> Updated personal information is automatically directed to HR for approval
> Repository of HR policies, employee induction manuals
> Payroll (earning/deduction/payslip/investment planning )etc.
> Business card/ ID card request

> Admin configuration as per company policy
> Attendance integration with biometric device
> Group wise attendance definition
> Over time/on-duty/absent trackin
> Time management

> Configuration as per company policy
> Manage compensatory off
> Manage paid leave(el, CL, SL, etc.)
> Unpaid leave (lop/adoption etc.)
> Leave cancellation

> SMTP Configuration
> Excel Data Import
> Excel & PDF Data Export
> Standard templates

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Mobility :Anytime, anywhere access – for your anytime, anywhere workforce

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Ozone HCM Mobile empowers managers to stay connected and engaged with their team members no matter where they work. Dashboards consolidate your team’s information and provide real-time visibility into talent data, such as goal progress and peer feedback.With Mobility, employees and managers can easily take immediate action while on the go..

"Delivering an easy-to-use experience, Ozone HCM Mobile enables your people to quickly and easily access the information and tools they need in a way that works best for them."

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The documents you need, in the cloud where you need them:

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Store, manage and search employee records from within the Ozone HCM solution to help maintain compliance, increase productivity and improve data security.
"Using our continuously evolving cloud technology, your HCM capabilities are always expanding—without the need for new hardware, licensed software, costly upgrades, or personnel to keep up with solution developments."
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The future of H R M S

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You can manage all your people data and activities in one place with Mobility. Mobility’s comprehensive HRMS capabilities help you engage and develop your people from the very first interaction. Utilize the Mobility portal as a central place for communicating important company information and where your employees can instantly access all the HR-related tools and information they need such as pay info, time off requests, performance reviews, and more.

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