Find out how you can drive a dynamic, social, and continuous performance management process for all employees.

With OzonePro Performance Management, you can

OzonePro Create and track measurable goals and objectives that are aligned with your business objectives.

OzonePro Regularly assess workforce progress and provide valuable feedback and coaching to your teams.




Key Features

  • Organisation and Department Goal SetUp
  • Result Expectation Develop Goal & Cascading
  • On-going Performance Discussion
  • Performance Appraisal Using Input From Source
  • Behaviour Expectation & Standard Discussion
  • Formal Overall Review Session
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Performance Planning


Key Features

  • Goal Setting & Tracking
  • Behaviour & Competency Management
  • Appraisal & Evaluation
  • Career Planning
  • Learning & Development
  • Employee Relations
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Key Features

  • Better Strategic Alignment
  • Dynamic Admin Integration
  • Better Planned Performance
  • Automated Work flow & Notification
  • Compliance
  • Competency Building
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